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Start Building Your Complete Customer or Digital Experience Technology Platform Today with Spotlight Customer Data Mining.

Strategic Data Mining

The New Customer Imperative - Effective examination with a single tick.

Spotlight client information mining gives you the quick, advanced programming mind you have to change all your perplexing client information into noteworthy knowledge. With Spotlight Data Mining, you can see the greater part of the mind boggling cooperations between various input focuses and genuine client practices—and you can do it in a matter of minutes as opposed to months.

Capable Doesn't Have to Mean Complicated

Spotlight Data Mining makes exceptionally complex huge information investigation basic and sufficiently instinctive for everybody in your association—from business administrators and CX groups to examination specialists. That implies you can simply exploit an advantageous, instinctive client interface to reveal the concealed bits of knowledge and opportunities in any information set.

Client Data Mining Flexible Enough for Any Source

Spotlight is the main client information mining arrangement that is fabricated particularly for CX, so it's prepared to examine and reveal bits of knowledge from the majority of your distinctive information sources. This incorporates everything from customary overviews and verifiable exploration to operational, money related, and continuous value-based and relationship information.

Meet the Brains of Your CX Operation

Essentially gathering and putting away monstrous measures of client data from handfuls (or hundreds) of various touch focuses is a difficult request. In any case, comprehending everything can be about incomprehensible—unless you have a keen, intense client information mining and investigation motor incorporated with the heart of your CX arrangement. Spotlight Data Mining gives this motor, with investigative apparatuses that can prepare over a trigintillion (1093) information mixes with the snap of a mouse. This gives you the ability to transform complex information into the pertinent data you have to settle on brilliant business decisions and organize your CX endeavors.

Make Analytical Intelligence Part of Your Comprehensive CX Program

Spotlight Customer Data Mining is turning into a coordinated bit of the MaritzCX stage, which implies it will work with Survey Builder, Text Analytics, Dashboards and Reports, and different segments to include propelled client information mining capacities to all aspects of your CX program—and permit you to rapidly transform CX information into brilliant business decisions.