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Retail Banking FinTech and Blockchain Solutions


The retail banking industry is in a constant state of flux. Increased competition from new market entrants along with regulatory and market uncertainty has challenged top-line growth. Today's sophisticated consumer demands a broad range of financial products and unparalleled service. At the same time, technological advances continue to provide the opportunities of distribution through a wide array channels.

In order to remain competitive in this evolving marketplace, companies must be proactive. Radium Communications helps client companies implement viable strategies that will transform service and operations dramatically improving business performance.


Radium Communications works closely with client management to produce immediate and long-term success. Radium Communications consultants possess extensive knowledge in retail banking, and their skills have been honed and perfected through years of experience with the finest institutions around the globe. Our consultants assist companies in implementing strategies and finding optimal solutions from improving customer experience, to maximising profit margins and increasing operating efficiencies. Programs for our retail bank clients include:

  • Radium Communications’ Customer Experience Optimization (CxO) Process, comprised of analysing current experience, and then defining and implementing the desired experience.
  • Design and implementation of front office solutions focused on enhancing revenue opportunities for the bank.
  • Designing new distribution capabilities and the back office environments and processes that support them.
  • Developing cost effective branch structures and operations.
  • Implementing technology solutions that maximise overall business performance by integrating manual process and systems migration.
  • Designing and implementing organizational structures and management process to more effectively focus on Product and Service delivery. (from Product Management and sales to distribution channels and operations)
  • Creating and conducting training programs that assure the maintenance of long term program benefits.


In a typical Radium Communications retail banking program, front office to back office operations are restructured and business processes are designed to focus on customer experience, delivery systems and production. Then the client company is provided with the know-how to enhance and maintain its business practices.


Radium Communications consultants have conducted more than 120 consulting projects in over 20 countries. Experience and knowledge, partnered with client commitment and ownership, have led to permanent change and positive results. Specific to retail banking:

An international commercial and retail bank needed to redesign its branch operations, facilities and back-office processes to improve customer service. Radium Communications consultants succeeded in reducing backlogs, improving customer session times throughout the branch system and increasing market capitalisation by £900 million.

Radium Communications helped an international bank design and implement multiple distribution networks in which all non-sales and non-service activities were moved to central processing centres. The institution was able to maximize sales and service, while lowering the resources required. This resulted in increased profits of £2,500,000 annually, as well as greater customer satisfaction and retention.

Implementing retail banking solutions allow financial organizations to remain viable in an increasingly competitive industry. From concept to reality, Radium Communications consultants will work with your organisation to achieve tangible, effective, real results.