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Daniel Easterbrook

Founder / Director

Daniel works hard to build better relationships with clients and the business.

Kevin Brown

CTO / Co-Founder

The technical architecture lead at Radium, Kevin is the goto guy for all technical specification and architecture designs.

Derek Wilkie

CIO / Co-Founder

Derek shares an office in London as well as in New York. Derek ensures we and our clients have compliant information technology systems and data compliant globally.

Van Lowe

Technical Manager

Van manages our technical and IT team internally and external project teams.

Stacey Bruce

Creative Manager

Stacey manages our creative and design team internally and external design project teams.

James Peterson

Client Accounts Director

James is Radium's lead account director ensuring our clients are satisfied with our work and progress on projects.

Ruth Alexander

Finance Manager

Ruth is our finance department manager ensuring all accounting and finance needs are managed effectively.

Paul Graham

Technical Developer

Paul is Radium's .NET and .PHP developer with a wealth of experience on both platforms.

Amanda Wilson

Creative Manager

Amanda is a a senior designer and artworker and ensures the finer details are met with client graphic designs.

Jake Hockney

Client Accounts Manager

Jake ensures client accounts run smoothly and is part of the client services team at Radium.

Hannah Anderson

Accounts Payable Manager

Hannah is our accounts payable manager and ensures vendor payments are made in an efficient and timely manner.

Phillip Villust

Junior Technical Developer

Phillip is our newest technical team member and assists on all client technical projects at Radium.

Michelle Hammond

Junior Graphic Designer

Michelle is our newest graphic design team member and assists on all client creative and artworking projects at Radium.

Mohammad Ibrahim

Client Accounts Executive

Moh is our client accounts executive taking care of the office adminitration and general administration for client accounts at Radium.

Gemma Wheatley

Finance Assistant

Gemma is our very energetic and all-round finance support staff member at Radium.