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BPO Digital Business Services Practice

Our business environment is rapidly changing. To stay competitive organizations need to be the best at their core business, ensure innovations are used to their maximal potential and create the right ecosystem of partners, service providers and shared services for optimal performance. Most successful companies focus on a limited set of core processes or products that maximize their competitive advantage; their ‘core business’ and may divest non-distinguishing processes to providers that are better equipped to perform them (Business Process Outsourcing, BPO). Alternatively, companies create shared services or nearshore/offshore captive centers to ensure maximum scale and professionalism is created in their supporting processes. Organizations should consciously use the best practices and lessons learned from the past in order to implement Business Process Sourcing (BPS) successfully.

Our services

The Radium Communications BPO Digital Business Services practice caters to the entire gamut of services spanning the digital value chain through a framework defined as Design – Engage – Optimise. Over the years, we have worked with multiple advertisers, publishers, and agencies and helped them redefine their digital deliverables.

Businesses can bank on us to provide strategies, processes, and tools that address these three primary requirements in the digital operations ecosystem:

Optimising content and design creation: De-centralised teams often spend excessive time and resources on content creation for a new campaign or product launch. We have the capability to streamline disparate systems, improve asset reuse by 20% or more, and reduce time-to-market.

Ensuring uniform customer experience CX: We have the domain expertise to manage customer experiences across multiple websites and microsites that are customised for different geographies and customers. Our processes provide top quality and credible product information which enhances customer experience and leads to better sales leads and conversions

Providing scalable and flexible global delivery: Regional agencies often fail to provide scale and flexibility. This leads to project delays or higher costs due to shorter turn-around-times. On the other hand, our model, built on the proprietary Global Delivery Model, uses the follow-the-sun approach to meet the dynamics of operations.

Our Approach to BPO Digital Business Services Outsourcing  DBSO

Radium Communications is proud to be recognized and named the World’s Best Outsourcing Advisor by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP® the standard-setting association with more than 120,000 members and affiliates worldwide). Our 20 years of experience with outsourcing, insourcing, offshoring, shared services, integrations and separations has enabled us to create valuable best practices covering all phases of the sourcing lifecycle. Our presence in offshore countries such as South America and India contributes to insight and execution power with regards to global, offshore and nearshore delivery models. Quint is independent: we are not a BPO service provider, nor do we compete with our customers. We are therefore optimally positioned to help you with the design and implementation of a successful sourcing initiative. Quint has the best practices, templates and examples that kick-start the sourcing initiative of your organization. This could be in the field of supporting processes such as: Resource Management (HRM) / Finance & Accounting (F&A) / Call Centers / Facility Management. Increasingly we find companies sourcing industry specific processes to shared service centers, external service providers or offshore captive centers. Public Sector Apart from various BPO initiatives, Quint supports the public sector in creating shared services. Typical examples are regionally based inter-municipality cooperation initiatives, inter-ministry shared services and even international shared initiatives on for instance border security.