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We offer Application Outsourcing Services that are leverage towards improving the clients internal processes, while enabling them to garner higher and enhanced business value with our services.

For outsourcing whether in commercial settings or public settings (adhering to required law such as European Tendering in Europe) we have the experts who ensure the optimal results are achieved from sourcing. Depending on the sourcing strategy, a traditional RFI/RFP approach can be used, Best Value Procurement or a dialogue followed by an explicit offer. Sometimes elements of various approaches are combined to cater to a specific situation. Whether it is about datacentre, hosting, connectivity, mobile, workplace, service desk, applications, cloud and/or SaaS, Quint has the best practices, templates and examples that kick-start your sourcing initiative. Regardless of the scope at hand or the procurement approach, Quint brings its best practices and experience to get to a sourcing agreement that leads to a successful transition and fruitful relationship.

For shared services & Captives Depending on the sourcing strategy, outsourcing may not be the best option to achieve results. In various cases internal optimization or the setup of an IT Shared Service Centre (internally or externally) or a Captive Centre may be more beneficial. Shared Service Centres provide scale and focus which can reduce IT cost, increase quality and, when designed correctly, scalability of human and technological resources. Our experienced sourcing consultants ensure that the right operating model, SLAs and other agreements are in place to achieve results.

Transfer and Transition After signing of the agreement, the transfer of assets, responsibilities and possibly people takes place. Also a transition to a future mode of operations, new operating model and/or new technology is implemented. These are usually the first steps the business and the service provider have to take together. Whether in outsourcing or shared services, Quint manages the business through a successful transfer and transition to ensure the groundwork is laid for optimal service delivery.

Business Transformation and Governance Changing the way services are sourced requires changes in the. When delivery is externalized (at a service provider or shared service centre) the business needs to be transformed to be able to govern services instead of delivering them. This business transformation is pivotal to the success of the sourcing change. As part of every sourcing initiative, Quint ensures businesss are ready to govern the outsourcing relationship during and after the transition.

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